It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here! 

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 1. In a Little While / We Are Nearing Home  (Public Domain)    3:42

 2. O Brother Be Faithful   (Public Domain)    2:58

 3. He’s My Friend   (Lee Schappell)   3:25

 4. Morning Praise  (Music: Holst – Lyrics: Schappell)   2:57

 5. The Road Back to Eden   (Lee Schappell)  4:02

 6. Born Again   (Lee Schappell)  3:19

 7. My Lord and I / Jesus Walked  (Public Domain)    3:16

 8. Mickie  (Narration: Lee Schappell / Music: Public Domain)   7:40

 9. Blessed Assurance   4:07

10. A Long Time Coming    (Lee Schappell)   3:17

11. Will There Be Any Stars    (Public Domain)    3:11

12. You Will See Your Lord a-Comin’   (Public Domain)  2:52

13. Time Running Out   (Lee Schappell)  3:26

14. Crown Him Lord of All  (Words: Public Domain / Music: L. Schappell)  3:27

All songs Copyright 2007 – 2016 Little Buford Music Publishing ASCAP 

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Hey!  Look, Ma!  Little Buford ain’t wearin’ no shoes!”

1.  The Last Kamikaze (Lee Schappell) 3:48

2. Sanctified (Lee Schappell) 4:26

3. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing (Traditional) 3:10

4. Walk By Faith (Lee Schappell) 5:01

5. Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand (Lee Schappell) 4:09

6. Sheep and Goats (Lee Schappell) 6:34

7. ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus (Traditional) 3:14

8. Show Me (Lee Schappell) 4:17

9. The Joy Yeshua Brings To Me (What Do You See?) (David R. Smith) 4:30

10. The Light Is Out In the Lighthouse (Lee Schappell) 3:43

11. Brand New Heart (Lee Schappell) 4:48

12. Monkey See, Monkey Do (Lee Schappell) 3:38

13. Doot-Doot-Doot-Deuteronomy (Lee Schappell) 3:11

14. This Old World (Lee Schappell) 3:15

15. The Devil’s Cadillac (Lee Schappell) 4:14

All Songs Copyright 2011 – Little Buford Music ASCAP – All Rights Reserved

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The New Earth Band: The Last Kamikaze


Now, here’s The NEW EARTH BAND’S second CD, “Gospel Truth” :

Gospel Truth final front cover

1. GOSPEL TRUTH  (L. Schappell)  4:45   Little Buford Music ASCAP
2. THE JUBILEE  (L. Schappell)  5:15  Little Buford Music ASCAP
3. THAT’S JUST NOT THE GOSPEL (L.Schappell) 3:58 Little Buford Music ASCAP
4. TILL THE COWS COME HOME (L.Schappell) 4:54 Little Buford Music ASCAP
5. LITTLE SACK OF DIRT  (L. Schappell)  4:14  Little Buford Music ASCAP
6. I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY  3:59  (Traditional)  Public Domain
7. THE CODE  (L.Schappell)  3:03  Little Buford Music ASCAP
8. NO, NOT ONE  (Traditional)  3:27  Public Domain
9. WALK THE WALK   (L. Schappell)  2:56   Little Buford Music ASCAP
10. NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD  (Traditional)  2:57  Public Domain
11. TELL ME THE STORY OF JESUS   (Traditional)  4:10 Public Domain
12. ROCK OF AGES   (Traditional)  3:59  Public Domain
13. STAND TALL   (L. Schappell)  5:21  Little Buford Music ASCAP

PRODUCED BY Little Buford
Copyright 2009 New Moon Productions – All rights reserved

Gospel Truth final rear cover

Left to right:  Rick, Markie, The Mose, Lee

Gospel Truth on-disc graphics

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The New Earth Band: Gospel Truth

The NEW EARTH BAND’S first CD, self-titled “The NEW EARTH BAND” :

1. GOSPEL STATE OF MIND  (Matthew 7:16-20) (L.Schappell)  3:40
2. JESUS NEVER SANG THE BLUES (Hebrews 12:3-12)  (L.Schappell)  5:43
3. SWEET BY AND BY  (Revelation 19:6-8)  (Public Domain)  3:33
4. FAR, FAR AWAY  (I Corinthians 2:9)  (Public Domain)  2:34
5. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS   (Psalms 37:25)   (Public Domain) 5:29
6. THE ROCK THAT WON’T ROLL (I Corinthians 10:4)  (L.Schappell)  3:34
7. HIGHER GROUND   (Psalm 61:2)  (Public Domain)  3:35
8. THE ROAD BACK TO EDEN  (Revelation 22:1, 2)  (L.Schappell)  4:40
9. SHEEP AND GOATS   (Matthew 25:31-34)   (L. Schappell)  6:18
10. THE UNCLOUDED DAY (Revelation 21:1-7) (Public Domain)  4:04
11. THE DOOR  (Revelation 3:20)   (L.Schappell)   4:56
12. GOSPEL SHOES (Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 35:5, 6) (L.Schappell)  3:42

PRODUCED BY Little Buford
Copyright 2008 New Moon Productions – All rights reserved

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                     Left to right:  The Rickster,  The Markster,  Little Buford,  J-Zar

To hear sound clips or to purchase  our self-titled, first CD, “The NEW EARTH BAND”,  please click on  this blue CD Baby link >> or on the CD Baby icon below, left.

The New Earth Band: The New Earth Band