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It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here! 

           It’s The New Earth Band’s  most recent CD, “A Long Time Coming”


The New Earth Band | A Long Time Coming  PURCHASE “A Long Time Coming”  CD, or to hear clips, click here  >>


 1. In a Little While / We Are Nearing Home  (Public Domain)    3:42

 2. O Brother Be Faithful   (Public Domain)    2:58

 3. He’s My Friend   (Lee Schappell)   3:25

 4. Morning Praise  (Music: Holst – Lyrics: Schappell)   2:57

 5. The Road Back to Eden   (Lee Schappell)  4:02

 6. Born Again   (Lee Schappell)  3:19

 7. My Lord and I / Jesus Walked  (Public Domain)    3:16

 8. Mickie  (Narration: Lee Schappell / Music: Public Domain)   7:40

 9. Blessed Assurance   4:07

10. A Long Time Coming    (Lee Schappell)   3:17

11. Will There Be Any Stars    (Public Domain)    3:11

12. You Will See Your Lord a-Comin’   (Public Domain)  2:52

13. Time Running Out   (Lee Schappell)  3:26

14. Crown Him Lord of All  (Words: Public Domain / Music: L. Schappell)  3:27

All songs Copyright 2007 – 2016 Little Buford Music Publishing ASCAP 

Here is The New Earth Band’s third CD, Little Buford’s solo album,


Hey!  Look, Ma!  Little Buford ain’t wearin’ no shoes!”

1.  The Last Kamikaze (Lee Schappell) 3:48

2. Sanctified (Lee Schappell) 4:26

3. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing (Traditional) 3:10

4. Walk By Faith (Lee Schappell) 5:01

5. Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand (Lee Schappell) 4:09

6. Sheep and Goats (Lee Schappell) 6:34

7. ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus (Traditional) 3:14

8. Show Me (Lee Schappell) 4:17

9. The Joy Yeshua Brings To Me (What Do You See?) (David R. Smith) 4:30

10. The Light Is Out In the Lighthouse (Lee Schappell) 3:43

11. Brand New Heart (Lee Schappell) 4:48

12. Monkey See, Monkey Do (Lee Schappell) 3:38

13. Doot-Doot-Doot-Deuteronomy (Lee Schappell) 3:11

14. This Old World (Lee Schappell) 3:15

15. The Devil’s Cadillac (Lee Schappell) 4:14

All Songs Copyright 2011 - Little Buford Music ASCAP - All Rights Reserved


>> To hear sound clips or to purchase “The Last Kamikaze”,  click on this blue CD Baby link >> or on the icon below:


The New Earth Band: The Last Kamikaze



Now, here’s The NEW EARTH BAND’S second CD, “Gospel Truth” :

Gospel Truth final front cover

1. GOSPEL TRUTH  (L. Schappell)  4:45   Little Buford Music ASCAP
2. THE JUBILEE  (L. Schappell)  5:15  Little Buford Music ASCAP
3. THAT’S JUST NOT THE GOSPEL (L.Schappell) 3:58 Little Buford Music ASCAP
4. TILL THE COWS COME HOME (L.Schappell) 4:54 Little Buford Music ASCAP
5. LITTLE SACK OF DIRT  (L. Schappell)  4:14  Little Buford Music ASCAP
6. I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY  3:59  (Traditional)  Public Domain
7. THE CODE  (L.Schappell)  3:03  Little Buford Music ASCAP
8. NO, NOT ONE  (Traditional)  3:27  Public Domain
9. WALK THE WALK   (L. Schappell)  2:56   Little Buford Music ASCAP
10. NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD  (Traditional)  2:57  Public Domain
11. TELL ME THE STORY OF JESUS   (Traditional)  4:10 Public Domain
12. ROCK OF AGES   (Traditional)  3:59  Public Domain
13. STAND TALL   (L. Schappell)  5:21  Little Buford Music ASCAP

PRODUCED BY Little Buford
Copyright 2009 New Moon Productions – All rights reserved

Gospel Truth final rear cover

Left to right:  Rick, Markie, The Mose, Lee


Gospel Truth on-disc graphics


To hear sound clips or to purchase “Gospel Truth”,  click on this blue CD Baby link>> or you may click on the icon directly below.

The New Earth Band: Gospel Truth


The NEW EARTH BAND’S first CD, self-titled “The NEW EARTH BAND” :

1. GOSPEL STATE OF MIND  (Matthew 7:16-20) (L.Schappell)  3:40
2. JESUS NEVER SANG THE BLUES (Hebrews 12:3-12)  (L.Schappell)  5:43
3. SWEET BY AND BY  (Revelation 19:6-8)  (Public Domain)  3:33
4. FAR, FAR AWAY  (I Corinthians 2:9)  (Public Domain)  2:34
5. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS   (Psalms 37:25)   (Public Domain) 5:29
6. THE ROCK THAT WON’T ROLL (I Corinthians 10:4)  (L.Schappell)  3:34
7. HIGHER GROUND   (Psalm 61:2)  (Public Domain)  3:35
8. THE ROAD BACK TO EDEN  (Revelation 22:1, 2)  (L.Schappell)  4:40
9. SHEEP AND GOATS   (Matthew 25:31-34)   (L. Schappell)  6:18
10. THE UNCLOUDED DAY (Revelation 21:1-7) (Public Domain)  4:04
11. THE DOOR  (Revelation 3:20)   (L.Schappell)   4:56
12. GOSPEL SHOES (Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 35:5, 6) (L.Schappell)  3:42

PRODUCED BY Little Buford
Copyright 2008 New Moon Productions – All rights reserved

To hear sound clips or to purchase  our self-titled first CD, “The NEW EARTH BAND”,  please click on this blue CD Baby link >> or you may click on the CD Baby icon at the bottom of this page.

Left to right: The Rickster, The Markster, Little Buford, J-Zar

To hear sound clips or to purchase  our self-titled, first CD, “The NEW EARTH BAND”,  please click on  this blue CD Baby link >> or on the CD Baby icon below.

The New Earth Band: The New Earth Band




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