WHAT IF … ? What if, just for this day – the only day we have to work with – what if we let God’s will prevail? What if we pursue His agenda? What if we seek His counsel and direction? Just for today, what if … ?

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WHAT IF … ?  


Few things just “happen” on their own.  Most events transpire, both good and bad, because of choices somebody makes.  Occasionally, a tree falls, a tire blows, a refrigerator quits; but, by and large, the preponderance of stuff shakes out the way it does because someone makes a decision, chooses a course of action, procedes on impulse, often without forethought, with no regard for consequences.


Although God has a master plan for all of His Creation, which He reveals through the Scriptures and the moving of His Holy Spirit, which includes His individual divine blueprint for each soul to whom He lends breath, He has chosen to give to us “free moral agency” – the power to choose to  1) fly in formation and play by The Book, or  2) go our own way and invariably incur the consequences that our decisions have set into motion (or even dump the collateral damage onto some totally innocent bystander).


But, what if … just for one day, what if … what if those of us who profess to genuinely trust in and serve God would be willing to, for that one day, relinquish our individual wills, and lean entirely on the Spirit of God to lead us as we make choices; to counsel us in our decisions; to soften our speech and purify our thoughts; to closely guide our interaction with one another, and direct our motives and intentions, our priorities and purposes, just during that one “God’s Will Day”?


What if, for just that day, we began with a simple prayer of total, unconditional surrender to The Almighty’s bidding, and, as the Apostle Paul taught, remained in that attitude of prayer – kind of like an online connection with the Wheelhouse in heaven?  What if, just like Jesus, we were willing to do only the things that Our Heavenly Father wanted us to do; what if, as it was with The Master, our sole desire was to speak only the words He gave us to say?


What if we asked in earnest that He enable and empower us to give Him, and His ways and His will, first place in our hearts that day; to have genuine reverence for all the things He has declared holy; to honor our parents, to love our neighbor, to respect the property, the dignity, and the privacy of others; to love God with all our hearts and minds, and our neighbor as ourselves; and to love one another as He has loved us?  What if?


By that day’s end, would there have been any noticeable difference to speak of the following morning?  Might there have been fewer voices raised at the supper table; fewer squabbles over the family budget?  Would there have been less tension in the workplace; less stress in the classroom; less rudeness at the shopping mall; fewer rabid drivers flipping the middle digit in traffic; might we all be more apt to sleep like a baby that night … and awaken in the morning, inclined, and actually eager, to do this some more?


Could our 24-hour “What If” experiment serve as a more effective, silent witness to those who know not The Master, or perhaps to some who’ve been turned off by hearing far too much “talk” and observing not nearly enough “walk” from the professed Christian community?


Moreover, might this “His Will” day have made enough of a difference that we may just be tempted to seriously consider a “re-run”?  Soon?  Perhaps monthly?  More often?  Tomorrow?  What if it were to grow to the point where we began to walk it daily?  Isn’t that … sanctification with shoes on?  Can we give this a shot?

 Are you in?

 ? ? ?

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